Build an affordable house of your dreams

Choose the perfect model of your house
We offer three basic models of affordable houses.
All building materials and cleaning
are included in each plan
Model 1
4 bd | 2 ba | 1154 sqft
Zestimate per sqft $129
Meet with our cost consultant to estimate the cost of the full works and materials. On the same day, we will decide upon the timescale.
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Model 2
3 bd | 1.5 ba | 1120 sqft
Zestimate per sqft $133
Free design projects, building materials, and works are included. On the same day, we will arrange the timescale of the working process
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Model 3
3 bd | 1.5 ba | 1080 sqft
Zestimate per sqft $138
Free consultation with our designers, building materials, and timescales are included. Additionally, you will get a full list of the works.
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About the company
The founder and the head of our company is Roman Kashin.
He is a professional civil engineer with a master's degree in engineering and almost 9 years experience in construction.
See the certificates to be sure of
the quality and safety of our work.
Why choose us?
  • 1
    Price is fixed
    Works price is fixed. We plan out the works and the costs the day of the consultation.
  • 2
    Design project
    We can realize your own design project, or use the services of our designers.
  • 3
    Guarantee documents
    All construction works and materials are guarantee.
  • 4
    Quality of materials
    We carry out the purchasing and delivery. We work with the best suppliers at profitable prices.
  • 5
    Best professionals
    Division of labour is great – that’s why every project is developed by a subject matter specialist.
  • 6
    Separate phase payment
    All works consist of 4 main phases. You approve and pay for each phase separately.
Phases of our work
Your request
Leave a request, and our consultant will arrange to visit you and create the work plan.
Сost calculation
We'll generate a bill and a job pack and will send it to you for the approval.
The next day, we are ready to order and deliver all necessary materials and begin the work.
Work approval
You accept and pay for each stage separately. The whole work process is completed in 4 stages.
If you have any questions, please email us at or give us a call.
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Our consultant will get in touch with you to arrange a convenient time for a visit. On the same day, we will arrange the timescale and the cost plan for your project

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